2018 Zinfandel


The summer of 2018 was one of the hottest years on record throughout the eastern side of Washington. We experienced several weeks of 95-degree and higher temperatures; at long last, a cooling trend arrived in August. The stretch of hot weather allowed an extended hang-time, resulting in appealing, complex flavor. This vintage turned out to be truly remarkable, producing lots with bright, fresh notes and seemingly innate balance.

$35 ($28)
  • Alcohol 14.9 % by volume
  • Aged 18 Months
  • pH 3.84
  • TA 5.7
  • Barrel Program 10% new French oak 10% new American oak, 80% neutral french oak
  • Production 271 cases

In the vineyard

As a varietal, Zinfandel can be difficult to grow as the clusters are large and often ripen late in the season. In Eastern Washington, this late ripening can cause the clusters to become moldy before they have fully ripened. We choose to source our Zinfandel from Alder Ridge becuase the site conditions provide what is needed to produce healthy, ripe Zinfandel. Located on a steep, south-facing slope that overlooks the Columbia River, this vineyard site enjoys great air drainage and adequate sunshine. The soils are very sandy and create a poor growing environment that, in-turn, promotes the vines to produce fruit with concentrated flavor intensity.

Appellation Horse Heaven Hills

In the cellar

In the glass

Alder Ridge Vineyard has been the sourcing site for our Zinfandel for years, and this year is no different. The bright profile shows a different side on Washington State Zinfandel that will make you wonder why it wasn’t done before. Beautiful boysenberry and dark chocolate aromas keep you interested with every swirl of the glass. On the palate you enjoy earthy complexity complemented by delicate candied red fruits. A radiant and textured Zinfandel, this wine pairs exceptionally well with barbecued meats.


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