2018 Mourvèdre


The summer of 2018 was one of the hottest years on record throughout the eastern side of Washington. We experienced several weeks of 95-degree and higher temperatures; at long last, a cooling trend arrived in August. The stretch of hot weather allowed an extended hang-time, resulting in appealing, complex flavor. The Mourvèdre from Heart of the Hill Vineyard adapted well this year. We were able to let it hang on the vines longer than normal, which allowed the grapes to build added complexity that is revealed in the bottled wine.

$45 ($36)
  • Alcohol 14.1 % by volume
  • Aged 16 months
  • pH 3.8
  • TA 5.4
  • Barrel Program 100% Neutral French
  • Harvested Date October 2018
  • Barreled Date December 2018
  • Bottled Date March 2020
  • Released Date November 2020
  • Production 224 cases

In the vineyard

Heart of the Hill Vineyard is located quite literally in the heart of Red Mountain, and is one of the smallest appellations in Washington State at only 4,040 acres (1,630 ha planted). The area has a desert climate with an average yearly rainfall of only five inches. We have been sourcing Mourvèdre from this particular vineyard since 2012 and appreciate the authentic expression of this varietal that is produced year after year

Appellation Red Mountain
Vineyard Heart of the Hill Vineyard

In the cellar

In the glass

Our Mourvèdre exhibits a dark purple hue that is followed by rich, concentrated notes of blackberry and blueberry wafting from the glass. The dense texture of this wine is full of enticing flavors of black cherry pie, pomegranate, and tobacco. This wine has an expressive mouthfeel with bright red fruits featuring fresh strawberry, along with black pepper, pie crust, and roasted red peppers that is followed by a lengthy finish with grippy tannins and unexpected acidity.


We’re so happy you like this wine!
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