2013 Merlot


Merlot grown in the warm, dry conditions of the Columbia Valley, is full-bodied, structured, rich and delicious. This is a great example of Eastern Washington Merlot at its finest, with black currant flavors and a smooth, opulent body. 2013 Was a very warm growing season in Washington State. May and June saw large fluctuations from record high temps to downright cool, and there were three times the average rainfall in June, leading to bigger canopies than usual. But we had a near-perfect finish to the growing season with a big increase in flavors and overall concentration as the nights started getting cool.

$30 ($25.50)
  • Alcohol 14.5 % by volume
  • Aged 16 months
  • pH 3.75
  • TA .59
  • Barrel Program 90% French oak, 10% American; 33% new
  • Bottled Date April 2015
  • Released Date February 2017
  • Production 557 cases

In the vineyard

Our 2013 Merlot is a blend of different vineyard sites to achieve the optimal balance of ripeness and character. Candy Mountain is located on the south side of Red Mountain; extremely warm and windy, it is a harsh site which enables full concentration of the grapes. Minnick Hills and Birch Creek are in Walla Walla and ripen later, with softer tannins and lots of red cherry components, they blend very well with the bigger wine produced from Candy Mountain. The Malbec brings deep blackberry flavors while the Dionysus Petit Verdot gets picked at full ripeness and adds a note of marzipan and spice. Both Malbec and Petit Verdot add great color.

Appellation Columbia Valley
Vineyard Birch Creek Vineyard, Candy Mountain Vineyard, Dionysus Vineyard, Minnick Hills Vineyard, StoneTree Vineyard

In the cellar

We used a touch of American oak for a kick of added spice.


In the glass

Jammy with bold tannins evolving into a silky finish.


NOSE: blueberry, black currant, lilac, dark cherry


MOUTH: boysenberry, spicy chocolate, blueberry, pomegranate


FOOD & WINE PAIRING: Asian-style marinated flank steak


This combines Merlot from Minnick Hills and Birch Creek vineyards in the Walla Walla Valley and Candy Mountain in the larger Columbia Valley with smaller amounts of Malbec from StoneTree and Petit Verdot from Dionysus. It's generous in aroma, with plentiful coffee, raspberry, bittersweet chocolate, flower and graphite notes. The palate displays a lot of elegance, with tart acidity providing support. It's a very pretty expression of the variety that should show especially well at the dinner table.
Sean Sullivan
Wine Enthusiast
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