Wahluke Slope

3 acres sourced

Why we love it

The North-South aspect allows for optimal solar gain. Cold air drains naturally down the slope of the vineyard to the south and into a basin at an elevation of 800 feet above sea level. The effect is a significant reduction of the risk of crop loss due to spring and fall frosts.

Grapes we source

Malbec, Primitivo

Notes on Terroir

The average annual rainfall is 7.5 inches, which is at the low end of the range for eastern Washington. This site sees, on average 200 or more frost-free growing days making it one of the longest growing seasons in Washington State.

Winds are predominantly from the West and Southwest, and average 8 -12 mph in the late summer afternoon. Frequently, winds shift and blow down-slope from the north, the same direction as the row orientation, which has a number of beneficial effects. Winds can gust higher, but so far have not been severe enough to damage vines.


Sandy loam, predominately the Scoon series. The Scoon series consists of very shallow, well-drained soils on terraces and alluvial fans. This is typical of a geological location where wind-blown loess has been deposited on a more durable substrate. The underlying sediments and glacial outwash were deposited 13,000-20,000 years ago by the catastrophic floods of glacial meltwater from the Glacial Lake Missoula. The flood water reached an elevation of 1450 feet. 

Wine from here

Expert canopy management offsets the blazing hot sun and harsh winds, and aggressive thinning produces grapes with excellent concentration of flavor.
Cody Janett
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