Red Mountain

2 acres sourced

Why we love it

Klipsun is one of the oldest vineyards on Red Mountain and the arid conditions are perfectly suited to craft deep, powerful cabernet sauvignons, that some even compare to Napa Cabs.

Grapes we source

Cabernet Sauvignon

Notes on Terroir

Planted in 1983 Klipsun Vineyard spans 280 acres of which approximately 120 are planted. Derived from the Chinook word for "clipped sun", Klipsun is located on the western edge of Red Mountain on southwestern facing slopes overlooking the Yakima River, where it receives the intense light of the afternoon sun. Frequent breezes stress the vines further. It is one of the warmest and driest vineyard locations in Washington. In combination with silty sand and shallow soils, these factors produce very ripe grapes with intense concentration, abundant flavor, and depth.

One of our oldest vineyards, Klipsun consistently yields Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot showing great power and intense fruit.
Cody Janett
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