Red Mountain

2 acres sourced

Why we love it

We like to show how different Mourvèdre from this vineyard on Red Mountain is from the French version in the Bandol appellation; not dusty and earthy, but ripe and spicy with nice white crushed pepper.

Grapes we source


Notes on Terroir

Heart of the Hill Vineyard is located in the heart of Red Mountain, the smallest appellation in Washington State at 4,040 acres (1,630 ha planted). The area has a desert climate with average yearly rainfall of five inches per year. During the growing season, daytime temperatures average 90 °F (32 °C) with nighttime temperatures dropping below 50 °F (10 °C). Varieties from Southern France (like Mourvèdre) or Italy thrive in these hot and desert-like conditions.

Wine from here

Expert canopy management in this hot AVA allows for enough hang time for the fruit to fully and evenly ripen without sunburn.
Cody Janett
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