Horse Heaven Hills

1 acres sourced

Why we love it

Much like Pinot Noir, Zinfandel shares a close association with the sites where it is grown, and will not do well in all sites, which is the reason that we mainly source our Zinfandel from Alder Ridge (think steep hill, very sandy, poor soil, great air drainage with south slope facing the Columbia Valley) although we have tried many other vineyards through our history. Zinfandel clusters are big and ripen unevenly, and sometimes one side of the cluster is still green while the other side has turned deep red in color, which makes picking decisions difficult and makes it imperative to have a good vineyard partner like we do at Alder Ridge.

Grapes we source


Notes on Terroir

Though the site is warm, its proximity to the river brings cool winds and ambient air circulation, cutting down on the likelihood of the grapes developing rot. Alder Ridge slopes face south, and are
composed of poor, sandy soil which allows excellent drainage making for low-yield, high-quality fruit.

Wine from here

The vineyard staff at Alder Ridge is particularly skilled at cultivating the highly demanding Zinfandel vines giving the wine flavors of pepper, pie spice, raspberry, cherry and plum.
Cody Janett
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