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Alder Ridge overlooking the Columbia River

Alder Ridge Vineyard

A little piece of heaven with an endless breathtaking view, a beautiful source for our famous Zinfandel!


Alder Ridge is a little piece of heaven with an endless breathtaking view of the Columbia River and the Eastern plains of Oregon. The vineyard is on the North side of the Columbia River 15 miles West of the small town of Patterson, WA. This hot landscape receives an annual average of 5 inches of rain and it’s precisely this climate and the steep, south-facing slopes that make Alder Ridge the perfect spot for growing high-quality wine grapes. The region received Horse Heaven Hills AVA certification in August 2005 and is now one of the most prestigious grape-growing appellation in Washington State.

Our Zinfandel grows on the south-facing slope closest to the river where the low vigor, windblown soil is outstanding for vine balance and canopy management. The steep slope allows great air drainage and limits mildew, while the Southwest exposure ensures maximum sun exposure. These vines, when handled with care, produce low yields of intense fruit with great layers of flavors.

We have enjoyed a huge following for our Alder Ridge Zinfandel ever since our first vintage in 2001. Zinfandel is a big producer, the grape clusters can weigh several pounds! It needs aggressive fruit thinning to keep the vine balanced, which the team at Alder Ridge always completes in a timely manner--not too early to prevent aggressive growth, but not too late to allow full ripening. We have searched Eastern Washington through the years in the hopes of finding additional Zinfandel vineyards and expand our limited production. Alas, this grape needs such specific, favorable conditions that we have never been satisfied with the other sites we have sourced from; this explains why our limited production is now exclusive to our Tasting Rooms!

Marie-Eve comments: Alder Ridge fruit requires an iron hand in a velvet glove. The lower yields allow very deep flavors yet an intense structure that can be overwhelming if not handled with care.