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Accolades for Zinfandel & Primitivo

Zinfandels with Zing!

Some of the best zinfandels I have tasted recently came — rather surprisingly...from Washington.

Paul Gregutt, Seattle Times, June 2009

Washington now making some zinfandels with zing

"Some of the best zinfandels I have tasted recently came — rather surprisingly — not from California but from Washington. The grape used to be a rarity in Washington, but no longer...Forgeron began producing them in 2001 (a recent tasting of Forgeron's first 6 vintages showed them all to be in excellent drinking condition)."

You will often find the words old vines, heritage vines or ancient vines prominently displayed on zinfandel labels. These are unregulated terms, & should never be taken at face value. Wines made from truly old zinfandel vines — I take this to mean planted pre-Prohibition — generally turn up on single-vineyard bottles, with vineyard details clearly described on the back label or the winery Web site. Heritage vines are rarely old; they are usually recent plantings cloned from older vines.

The best of these old-vine zins offer subtle flavors — wild & brambly red fruits with light, sweet grassy/grainy notes — often at relatively moderate alcohol levels. As we look forward to the coming season of barbecues & outdoor dining, zinfandels should be your 1st choice for summertime reds.

Paul Gregutt, Seattle Times Pacific Northwest, June 14th 2009