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Write for Wine lauds 2009 Barbera "Excellent"

Barbera, a newer grape in Washington State, somehow tastes both rich & light-bodied, with low tannins, high acidity & juicy flavors.

Margot Sinclair Savell,, February 9 2014

Washington State Barbera

Relatively speaking, Barbera is a newer grape in Washington State, often found near the cool growing climate of the Columbia Valley, in Horse Heaven Hills and Walla Walla.

Its native home is in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy; the grape arrived in California in the 19th century.

When crafted by experienced winemakers, Barbera somehow tastes both rich and light-bodied, with flavors of dark cherry, strawberries, plums, blackberries, vanilla and anise.

With low tannins, high acidity and juicy flavors, Barbera is a food-friendly palate-pleaser, particularly when paired with turkey, grilled chicken, pizza or spaghetti with meatballs. Or for something simple, try it with rich blue cheese or Reggiano Parmigiano. Delicious!

We have found a few excellent Barberas in Washington state:

Unfortunately, many of these are now sold out, so please let us know if you’ve found an excellent Washington State Barbera.


Margot Sinclair Savell,, February 9 2014