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Accolades for Late Harvest & Dessert

Top 100 Washington Wines 2010 #18 - Forgeron Late Harvest Semillon

Forgeron's 2008 Late Harvest Semillon #18 out of 100 Top Washington Wines 2010!!


Paul Gregutt released his list of Top 100 Washington Wines 2010. "They are ranked first according to their score and within each scoring category by price. Among all 93-point wines, for example, the least expensive will rank highest, and the most expensive lowest. The original suggested retail price is also listed."

"Why just one wine per winery? With roughly 670 wineries in the state, it is a better way to showcase the breadth and depth of the industry's offerings."

"#18 - Forgeron 2008 Late Harvest Sémillon. A thick, honeyed wine, loaded with flavors of dried apricots, peaches &  papaya. A rich, seemingly endless dive into a vat of sweet nectar."

Paul Gregutt, Seattle Times - Wine Advisor, December 2010