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Accolades for Cabernet Sauvignon

Black Label

Seattle Met rates 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon in 100 Best Washington Wines

"It's delicious on its own, even better when paired with food."

2008 Forgeron Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley ($30)

"Aromas of blackberry, cherry, cedar, and spice lead to a palate of dark fruit flavors and tightly wound tannins. It's delicious on its own, even better when paired with food."

91 Points, Ranked #79

"Seattle Met solicited the wines via the Washington Wine Commission newsletter, which gets distributed to wineries across the state. Wineries could submit a maximum of four wines, one in each of the following categories: $25 or less, $25-$50, $50 or higher, and one white wine of any price. Alternatively, wineries submitting in just one price category could send two wines. Wines were stored for at least two weeks after shipment and before sampling."

"All wines were sampled blind in groups of four to six, organized by varietal, and rated on a 100-point scale by Sean Sullivan, editor of the Washington Wine Report ( The scale: 80-84 Decent; 85-89 Good; 90-94 Excellent; 95-100 Exceptional. Wines were subsequently ranked by score, price, and overall excitement about the wine. A 91-point cutoff was used to create the list of the best 100 (actually 104). Seattle Met raises its glass to Urban Enoteca and the Zino Society for the use of their facilities during the tasting."

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