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Accolades for Syrah

Review of Washington Wines Praises 2009 Syrah

"...The ripe dark fruits are thick & mouth-caressing...Delivers a lot of flavor for the price."

Rand Sealey, Review of Washington Wines, February 2013

 Rand Sealey brings 40 years of wine trade experience to keep you informed about the rapidly expanding Washington wine market and industry.

2009 Forgeron Cellars Syrah, Columbia Valley ($30)

"This vintage is sourced from the Les Collines and Boushey Birdhouse vineyards. Deep ruby colored, it emits seductive aromas of wild raspberries, blueberries, cassis, sandalwood, and orange peel, with whiffs of dried roses, rosemary, violets, and spiced incense. The ripe dark fruits are thick and mouth caressing, underlain with black licorice, Swiss chocolate, French roast and silty earth minerals. The back reveals notes of macerated berries, roasted nuts, crème de cassis, mocha and recurring orange peel, followed by a squeeze of blueberry juice on the succulent, lightly spiced lingering sweet dry tannin finish. Delivers a lot of flavor for the price. 19/20 points."

Rand Sealey, Review of Wasington Wines, February 2013