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Accolades for Chardonnay

Rand Sealey declares 2012 Chardonnay "Delicious"

"...a delicious Chardonnay. Brilliant gold-colored...a lovely wine..."

J. Rand Sealey, Review of WA Wines, January 2014


Rand Sealey brings 40 years experience in the wine trade to keep you informed about the rapidly expanding Washington wine market & industry.

2012 Forgeron Chardonnay, Columbia Valley

19/20 points

“This is a delicious Chardonnay. Brilliant gold-colored, it emits enticing aromas of Gala apple, Bosch pear, white peach, & mandarin orange peel, with scents of apple & orange blossoms, & spiced vanilla. The white fruit compote flavors dance on the palate along with grape skin extracts, peach pit & bracing minerality, followed on the back by touches of crème fraiche, orange peel & pain grillé. A final burst of citrus & kiwi fruit juices, accompanied by a deft dose of French Burgundian oak (32% new) & light spices (cardamom, clove) complete this lovely wine. 19/20 points.”

J. Rand Sealey, Review of WA Wines, January 2014