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Accolades for Merlot

2004 Klipsun Merlot makes Paul Gregutt's "Top 100 Wines" 2009

Forgeron Cellars Klipsun Merlot found its home at #75 of Paul Gregutt's Top 100 Wines.


"My annual top 100 list is focused exclusively on wines from Washington state. The methodology is simple: I look through a year's worth of tasting notes, and select one wine from each of 100 wineries for inclusion. No winery is represented more than once, though different wineries under the same ownership may be.

As I have often explained, I do not taste wines blind, I taste contextually. I do take price into consideration. I treat wine tasting as a movie, not a snapshot; wines often get looked at repeatedly over 24 or even 48 hours, both with and without food.

All of these wines scored 90 points or higher in my reviews for Wine Enthusiast. Their ranking below reflects both their score on that 100-point scale, and their placement among same-scoring wines, giving the higher places to the least expensive. Among all 91-point wines, for example, the least expensive will rank highest."  For the full article click Here.