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Accolades for Cabernet Sauvignon

NorthWest Wine Summit awards 2003 Pepper Bridge Cab a Silver

2003 Pepper Bridge Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, Silver Medal Winner.

2003 Pepper Bridge Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon,Walla Walla Valley yook a Silver Medal.

Northwest Wine Summit, Summer 2006.


The Northwest Wine Summit is dedicated to producing the most competent judging experiences for wineries, judges & consumers. To that end, they:

  • Select a judging panel composed equally of winemakers from the region, wine professionals (journalists, distributors, retailers, sommeliers) & knowledgeable consumers from around the USA.
  • Employ technology to manage the more clerical aspects of the competition so judges can focus on the wines rather than the judging process; & to assure that the judges’ results are promptly & accurately recorded.
  • Impose strict quality controls & independent reviews of the wines being judged.