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Accolades for Late Harvest & Dessert

Full Pull Offer & Review for 2010 Late Harvest Riesling

"Honey & caramel notes ramp up the complexity..."

Paul Zitarelli,, December 8 2012

"Hello friends. This is the time of the year when lovers of sticky wines rejoice.

Here's what we say: "I love this time of year, because there are big family dinners & holiday parties & lots of opportunities to finally share this sweet little bottle I have been holding all year."

Here's what we mean: "I love this time of year, because I can shamelessly open every sticky bottle in the medicine cabinet & drink 3/4 of the bottle & no one will notice because they'll be drunk on 18% Zinfandel & even if they do, pounding sticky wine is considered socially acceptable behavior in December."

Today, then, a series of prescriptions to refill the medicine cabinet:

2010 Forgeron Late-Harvest Riesling (375ml) - $19.99 (TPU $17.99)

A one-off from Marie-Eve, from the cooler 2010 vintage that has already yielded a number of stunning Rieslings in Washington, from dry to sweet. This comes entirely from Dionysus, one of the Sagemoor family of vineyard properties, & a site that in 2010 had a good amount of nice, healthy botrytis. Soaring aromatics of tangerine, orange blossom, mango, papaya, & white flowers give way to a palate with fine acid-sugar (rs is 13%; alc is 11%) balance & a real marmalade character. Honey & caramel notes ramp up the complexity, which is quite high already for a tariff like this."

Paul Zitarelli,, December 8 2012

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