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Full Offer & Review - BlackSmith 2012 Chardonnay

"...lovely Chardonnay...For a balanced weeknight white, this is tough to beat."

Paul Zitarelli,, January 24, 2014


Hello friends. Our offer today focuses on the lovely wines of Marie-Eve Gilla. The original plan was to offer 2 BlackSmith wines only, but Marie-Eve recently informed me that her 2011 Chardonnay for Forgeron is reaching the end of vintage (expected to sell out in the next few weeks). They’ll be rolling into the 2012 soon, so I’ll include a reoffer for the 2011 at the bottom of today’s offer, since it is a glorious Chardonnay that has been the subject of frequent reorder requests.

But first, BlackSmith. I love this project, which is intended to take advantage of unique opportunities on the spot market. It’s a label where the varietals and vineyards aren’t consistent from year to year but will instead represent Marie-Eve’s opportunities to purchase quality grapes at affordable prices.

These bottlings are fireflies, blinking in and out of existence so fast that you wonder if you really saw them at all. Our last BlackSmith offer was in March 2012, so it has been awhile since the BlackSmith fireflies have blinked. But here they are again, back for a moment in ephemeral glory:

2012 Blacksmith Chardonnay - $14.99 (TPU $13.99)

Marie-Eve studied at the University of Dijon and worked at several Burgundian wineries before landing in our fair state, so to say she has a certain comfort level with Chardonnay would be an understatement. Her portfolio is consistently an example of balance, restraint, and class, and for several vintages now, she has been at the peak of her powers, retaining a visceral, infectious passion for the work. In sum, Marie-Eve is a joy to be around, and so it’s no surprise that she makes joyful wines.

Including this lovely little Chardonnay, which has 6% Roussanne in the blend and comes from Four Lakes Vineyard in Chelan, Weinbau on Wahluke Slope, and Lonesome Springs in Yakima Valley. It’s raised in 10% new French oak, the remainder neutral, and is likely a crystal ball allowing us to peer into the future of the 2012 Chardonnay for Forgeron. It begins with a nose of peaches and pears in cream, lifted by a hint of raw almond (the Roussanne) and a little orange peel. The palate is a plump, medium-bodied delight, with peach and melon fruit, hazelnut nuance, a great creamy mid-palate, and a long leesy finish. For a balanced weeknight white, this is tough to beat.

Paul Zitarelli,, January 24, 2014