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Accolades for Chardonnay

Cuvee Corner Wine Blog names 2007 Chardonnay a "Washington Highlight!"

"...notes of spicy apple & tropical notes co-mingling with a tangy fresh acidity & a nice finish of fruit & a lingering minerality...Drink now & often! A very good wine & at a moderate price point. "

 Bill Eyer, Cuvee Corner Wine Blog, August 2009

Excerpts from Eyer's article:

"The first reason I choose this wine for review is twofold, one it's a great example of what a Chardonnay should taste like, balanced...This wine stradles those two divergent view points masterfully & brings "balance" front & center....

First Swirl:  In the glass the wine a straw colored core & pale yellow rim. Swirling about in my glass it reveals good structure & viscosity
First Sniff: From what I recall in my notes this wine had some enticing aromas of freshly sliced pears & other citrus notes effortlessly wafting up from the glass.
First Sip: I really enjoyed the mouth watering spicy apple & tropical notes, effortlessly co-mingling with a tangy fresh acidity & a nice finish of fruit & lingering minerality on the finish.
Alcohol & Price: The wine weighed in at 14% & is priced well for about $17.00 to $19.00 at a few online purveyors & can be found in the tasting room at $25.00. With a case production of a little over 700 hundred cases, this wonderful wine won't hang around too long.
Pairing Suggestions: Pairs wonderfully & easily with many food items, but it especially cries out for seafood pairing of sautéed scallops & clams or with a big hearty bowl of chowder & a piece of sourdough bread.
My Recommendation: This is a "drink often" wine, meaning it's as easy the wallet [or pocket-book] as it is on the palate. Ordering this by the case is a great choice & can really be considered as an everyday drinker, great value for very little money. Please make sure you get your hand on some today.

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Bill Eyer, Cuvee Corner Wine Blog, August 2009