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Accolades for BlackSmith Wines

BlackSmith Syrah a Food & Wine "Top 10 Winter Wine" Under $20

Although this New York-based reviewer is right about BlackSmith Syrah being a great game-day wine, we say it is a perfect pairing with chili & a Seahawks Superbowl win!

The Wine List: Top 10 Winter Wines for $20 or Less

"When it's cold out, conventional wisdom says to turn to brawny reds, which often pair well with rich winter dishes (not to mention roaring fires and cozy blankets). But it's tough to make it through a whole season on one style of wine. Thankfully, there are plenty of other options, from lively, super-pairable light reds to whites from cool regions, which are built to go with the hearty foods of northern latitudes. Here, 10 wines that are perfect for getting you through to spring..."

9. 2009 Forgeron Cellars BlackSmith Syrah ($19)
"A rich American red is the right wine for game day. Instead of turning to California, though, look for Syrah from Washington state. Forgeron's Syrah has classic notes of black pepper and smoked meat, so it just begs to go with a bowl of chili (and a Giants win)."

Drink It With: Game Day Pork and Black-Bean Chili


Charles Antin, Food & Wine Magazine - the At-Home Sommelier, January 15, 2014