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Accolades for Forgeron Cellars

"Hedonista" Reviews Woodinville Tasting Room Grand Opening

Self-proclaimed "Hedonista" Jacqueline Pruner extolls the virtues of Forgeron's food-friendly wines in her Pacific Northwest-centric, online lifestyle blogazine, Heed the Hedonist.

"Marie-Eve at ease..."

"Marie-Eve's work requires her to tap into all of her individual resources -- sensitivity, scientific acuity, artistry, ingenuity & business sense."

 Suzi Beerman, Seattle Woman Magazine, October 2005

"There's Something About Marie-Eve" says AAA Writer Rob Bhatt

"One of her defining traits is an ability to tame Washington's robust grapes into wines of multi-dimensional character. 'It's a lot about patience & just being willing to listen and cater what we do to what the wine wants to be...' "

Rob Bhatt, AAA Journey, May/June 2012

'Forgeron Cellars Wines Prove Unforgettable' Says Bellingham Writer

"Her winemaking style...strikes a balance between the classic reserved qualities of France's Burgundy region...& the varied growing regions of more intensely flavored grapes in Eastern Washington..."

Dan Radil, Bellingham Herald, August 2011

About the Winery & Winemaker

"The petite, soft-spoken French ex-pat is a winemaking force to be reckoned with."

Richard Kinssies, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 2007

An Evening with Forgeron Cellars

"Thoughtful, elegant, fantastic, & fabulous, each wine conveys a focused expression of Washington's terroir."

Atlantic City Wine Director shares Favorite Washington Wines

"Beautiful aromatics with syrah-like fruit along with some currants. Flavors are more berries & some bell peppers."

 Bob Woehler, WineSquire.Com, December 2005

Blogger Ben Simons Finds Forgeron, Walla Walla Steeped in History & Charm

"There is a romance to the image of the skilled artisan blacksmith wielding his hammer to create something that has utility. The name [Forgeron Cellars] was purposely chosen to call attention to the artisanal nature of the winemaking process."

Coeur d'Alene Reviewer Extolls Balance, Complexity in Forgeron's Wines

" has that oft-sought, but seldom achieved, balance of flavors & layers."

Sholeh Patrick, Coeur D'Alene Press, August 2011

Consistency, experience & talent define Marie-Eve Gilla's niche in Washington Wine

"Among the most consistent, experienced & talented of this group is one of the nicest people in Washington wine, Marie-Eve Gilla."

Clive Pursehouse, NW Wine Anthem, August 29 2011

Doing it the French way in Walla Walla

"With little fanfare, she has been developing vineyard sources, fine-tuning her winemaking & making excellent Euro-styled wines."

 Paul Gregutt, Seattle Times, March 2008

Europe's Own Land Of The Free

"Gilla came from the University of Dijon to America in 1991, to become what she could not as a young Frenchwoman – a winemaker."

 Decanter Magazine, May 2007

Forgeron a "Washington Winery to Choose"

"Forgeron Cellarstoo few know about these wines. They are very, very good."

Doug Frost, Kansas City Star, August 10 2013

Forgeron Cellars a "Must-Stop" in downtown WW

"...generous Thursday-Monday open tasting hours..."

Allison Williams, Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, September 2013

Forgeron Cellars continues to Impress Bellingham Herald

"Forgeron Cellars continues to impress me with its broad range of well-made wines."

Dan Radil, The Bellingham Herald, May 14, 2013

Forgeron Cellars Scores Big with Wine Advocate

"These rock solid releases are made by Burgundy trained, Marie-Eve Gilla, who created this estate in 2001."
Reviewed by Jeb Dunnuck,

Forgeron Cellars, a Wine Bloggers Conference highlight!

"...spicy apple and tropical notes co-mingling with a tangy fresh acidity and a nice finish of fruit and lingering minerality."

Forgeron makes Food & Wine Magazine's "Global A-List"

" of the 20 Best New Wineries in the World."

 Food & Wine Magazine, October 2004


Forgeron Tasting Room Review

"Your wines were delicious, your staff hysterical & knowledgeable..."

Forgeron's BlackSmith line a "Real Find" by NW Wine Anthem

"...reliable expressions of some of Washington's greatest vineyards...a real opportunity to offer wines...under $20...give you a real sense of Washington in sum."

Clive Pursehouse,, August 23 2013

Full Pull Finds Marie-Eve "First Lady" of French Walla Walla Winemakers

"She seems to be at the peak of her powers, retaining a visceral, infectious passion for the work. And even as the wines have continued to improve, Forgeron's prices have held steady. A few years of that, & they now represent some of the strongest values coming out of Washington."

Paul Zitarelli,, March 5 2012 praises Marie-Eve's 2011 GSM & Winemaking Style as a Washington "Tour de France"

"...her burgeoning mastery of the Rhone Valley...Ultimately, much of any winemaker’s success comes down to vineyard sourcing, & Marie-Eve has done well here..."

Paul Zitarelli,, August 27, 2014

Highlighting Female Winemakers of Washington - Marie-Eve Gilla

"As it is, her name has been espoused by those who compare Walla Walla to the next Napa!"

 Washington Wine, December 2008

Honorable Mention from Washington Tasting Room Magazine

Love Boushey Vineyards fruit?? You won't want to miss our 2009 Ambiance, & our 100% Boushey Syrah from 2007!

I tasted my way through Walla Walla

"...Forgeron Cellars, one of the strongest of the new wineries...where Chardonnay is the star attraction..."

Robert Mayfield, Statesman Journal, August 2007

Impulse Wine Offer & Review - Forgeron & BlackSmith 2012 Chardonnays

"...wines which aspire to be elegant, graceful, and full of character. My favorite of their lineup every year is the Chard, and always has been since first tasting it back in 2008."

Yashar Shayan,, July 29, 2014

International Wine Review lauds Marie's wines of "Balance, Elegance, & Refinement"

"Her winemaking is French in orientation aimed at producing wines of balance, elegance & refinement…Among our favorite producers of Chardonnay..."

Mike Potashnik & Don Winkler, International Wine Review, Sept/Oct 2013

Interview with Marie-Eve Gilla of Forgeron Cellars

Chicago Pinot 2.0 interviews Marie-Eve about marketing & her recent trip to Chicago.

Is Walla Walla "the next Napa Valley"?

"...winemakers Caleb Foster, Chuck Reininger, Brett Isenhower & Marie-Eve Gilla have become the talk of the wine community..."

 Tan Vinh, Seattle Times, August 2007

It's Wine O'Clock Somewhere! Definitely @ Forgeron Cellars

"One of our favorite wines from Forgeron Cellars is the 2003 Vinfinity, an elegant, layered wine that is a beauty."

Margaret Sinclair Savell, Write for Wine, April 2010

Jay Miller Honors Winemaker Marie-Eve Gilla with High Praises

"Part-owner/winemaker Marie-Eve Gilla appears to be on top of her game."

Jay Miller, Wine Advocate, November 2009

Judging Wine's age-worthiness a tricky business

"But Washington merlots, which I have long believed are the best in the country on a price-to-quality basis, turn out to be bona fide agers as well. Merlots from...Forgeron...have proven or anticipated life spans of at least a decade, & likely longer."

 Paul Gregutt, Seattle Times, August 2010

Kudos from Full Pull Wines

"There is much to love about Forgeron Cellars..."

Paul Zitarelli, Full Pull Wines, January 2011

Marie-Eve finds few "Rules" for Winemaking in Northwest

"...[Marie-Eve] worked my way up from the bottom..." leading to winemaking positions at Hogue, Covery Run, Gordon Brothers, & Forgeron Cellars. "Such progress would have never happened in France."

Marie-Eve Gilla's Entrepreneurial, Free Spirit Inspires Writer Rob Bhatt on his Blog

"The words themselves seem to echo the type of sentiments that you might hear from many of the free-spirited entrepreneurs that make up Washington’s wine industry, but Gilla’s native Burgundian accent give them a unique lilt—just one of her distinguishing features..."

Marie-Eve Weighs In on 2011 Harvest with Bellingham Herald's Dan Radil

"Despite the bizarre weather, the consensus among winemakers seems to be optimistic about this strange yet potentially wonderful vintage...Marie-Eve Gilla says to expect some very Euro-centric wines. 'White wines will likely be especially lush ... with the gentle temperatures allowing for the nuanced flavors to come through.' "

Dan Radil, The Bellingham Herald, January 3, 2012

One Rich Wine Guy: Forgeron Cellars at Wildhorse

"Chardonnay is MarieEve's flagship wine. She is truly a virtuoso with this grape. The 2007 is what I believe to be one of her best ever."

Rich Breshears, One Rich Wine Guy, January 30th 2010

Sean P. Sullivan Extolls Virtues of Forgeron's Compelling Wines at a Value

" ...year after year French-born winemaker Marie-Eve Gilla keeps crafting compelling, well-priced wines using fruit from some of Washington's best vineyards."

 Sean P. Sullivan, Walla Walla Valley Report 2011, Part III

Sean Sullivan pairs 2010 Lt Harvest Riesling with Theo Chocolate for Q13 News

"...For me, the 2010 Forgeron Cellars Late Harvest Riesling ($19, West Seattle Cellars*) - a dessert-style white wine - worked beautifully with the chocolate covered caramels..."

Sean P. Sullivan, WA Wine Report for Q13 Fox News

Seattle Times Wine Advisor

Paul Gregutt pays small tribute to Marie-Eve's past winemaking experience.

Seattle Times deems Marie-Eve's Wines "Simply Sensational"

Marie-Eve Gilla's wines are "...simply sensational; limited production, sophisticated winemaking, very fair prices."

Paul Gregutt, Seattle Times "Wine Adviser", October 28 2003

Sunset Magazine: Best Small Towns for Foodies

One of the few wineries mentioned within the article, Forgeron Cellars is a "can't miss" winery in Walla Walla.

Sunset Wine Awards 2009 - Walla Walla Valley "Best Up-&-Coming Wine Region"

"We love Forgeron Cellars.

Sara Schneider, Sunset Magazine, November 2009

The French Touch - Some very nice Tipples among the Wheatfields

"...although [Marie-Eve] is pleased with many of the wines she has made so far, especially a red blend called “Vinfinity”, she prefers to look 5 or 10 years ahead..."

 The Economist Magazine, May 2006

The Oregon Wine Blog: We're on the Air for Washington Wine

"Marie-Eve marries her Old World education in Dijon with the fruit & potential of Washington wine in a way that gives her wine personality, elegance, & in many cases, grace."

 Clive Pursehouse, The Oregon Wine Blog, November 2010 

The Winos - Washington Wine & Charity, Forgeron Cellars

"Why do you think wine & charity go so well together?" Our first winemaker, Marie-Eve Gilla from Forgeron Cellars, took time from her very busy life to share her thoughts.

Touring and Tasting Magazine Reviews Forgeron

"Contracting with vineyards strategically located across the Yakima, Columbia, & Walla Walla Valleys, Forgeron Cellars focuses on producing true varietal wines."

Vertical Cabernet Tasting with Paul Gregutt Reveals Focus & Consistency

"What shone through was the classic, well-defined, consistent winemaking style, one that allowed for vintage expression & yet kept a tight focus on wines...All the wines were drinking soundly & none were even close to going over the hill."

Paul Gregutt, Unfined & Unfiltered, May 2011

Vintage Walla Walla, 2009

Marie-Eve makes the Wine Peep's weekend one to remember.

WA Wine Report finds Marie-Eve's Wines Display Deft, Feminine Touch

"The latest wines from Marie-Eve...include some fascinating wrinkles, but still displays her deft, feminine touch..."

Sean Sullivan, Washington Wine Report "WW Valley Report 2013, Part I", October 28 2013

Walla Walla Washington Vineyard Tours

It is titled Vineyard Tours, but the article covers a good amount of any entertainment winery related.

Warm, Welcoming Walla Walla Valley

"You are just as likely to find [Marie-Eve] tromping through the vineyards as you are to find her sampling the barrels. The hard work shows in the bottle."

 Randy Buckner,, 2005

Washington White Wines & Women Winemakers: Marie-Eve Forges On

"It's much easier to make decisions when you really know where you're supposed to go. So after 10 years, with some really good years & some more challenging years, I think it's nice to be able to look back & to say consistently, we have done very well. "

Zibby Wilder, Seattle Weekly's "Meet Your Maker", March 7, 2012

Washington Wine Report's December 31, 2012 "Fresh Sheet" Focuses on Forgeron

"The current releases from Forgeron Cellars include what winemaker Marie-Eve Gilla says is, "Hands down the best Chardonnay I've made so far." I would agree... Meanwhile Forgeron's 2010 Late Harvest Riesling comes at a quality level seldom seen at this price & is a perfect way to offset the cold months ahead. Stock up."

Sean P. Sullivan, Washington Wine Report's "Fresh Sheet", December 31, 2012

Washington Wine Report: Forgeron Cellars

"...Gilla is one of the best winemakers in Walla Walla Valley...Forgeron Cellars 2005 Zinfandel also came in 2nd in our 2008 Reader Survey."

Sean P. Sullivan, WA Wine Report, July 2009

Washington Women Winemakers Earn Elite Status, Says Table Talk Radio

"There’s another elite group of winemakers that continually grabs our attention vintage after vintage, & that’s the talented women of Washington wine."

Jamie Peha, Table Talk Radio, January 18 2012

Wild 4 Washington Wine discovers Forgeron Cellars' Outstanding Wines

"It was easy to find Forgeron Cellars...we happily agreed to taste their entire line-up of BlackSmith & Forgeron wines. What a treat..."

William Pollard, Jr., Wild 4 Washington Wine, February 2012

Wine Advocate declares Forgeron Wines "Outstanding"

"...The wines are outstanding across the board & show great textures, integrated acidity..."

The Wine Advocate, June 2013

Winery’s sensory class teaches how to taste

"The whole idea is to show that everybody's threshold is different to different substances..." Marie-Eve Gilla, Winemaker

Wines NorthWest deems Marie-Eve's 2011 Chardonnay "Versatile"

"Aromas of crisp apple & pear mingle with notes of orange blossom & earthy mineral."

Chuck Hill,, March 15 2013

Women of Washington Wine: Marie-Eve Gilla of Forgeron Cellars

"Realizing the incredible potential of the wine industry in the Pacific Northwest, she stayed, helped found Forgeron Cellars."

Women Tasting Wine at Jackalope Grill

Chef Tim made some fabulous pairing dishes for Forgeron's Wines.  We are all very jealous Anne was the only one who got to attend the dinner for Forgeron.

Women Winemakers of Walla Walla

Marie-Eve Gilla says "My '06 Chardonnay represents the limitless opportunities to develop a unique style for white wines here in Washington state. The style is a cross between Burgundy & New World, full & ripe with a nice mineral nuance."

 Braiden Rex-Johnson, Seattle Times, November 9, 2008